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Hungry for Growth

There’s no shortage of opportunity or challenges in the food and beverage industry—and the challenges aren’t unsubstantial. Along with regular legislative changes, distribution complexity, food safety issues, and international competition, companies in the food and beverage industry regularly face a range of issues concerning:

  • Short and long-term access to capital
  • C-level executive retention
  • Commodity and ingredient cost volatility
  • New products flooding each category
  • The rise of online retail and home delivery
  • Evolving consumer preferences and dietary awareness.

Through personal, customized service backed by the resources of one of the largest accounting and consulting firms in the nation, our team of highly skilled professionals can help your business navigate these challenges and embrace emerging opportunities.

Who We Serve

Leveraging knowledge of the entire supply chain—from plant to consumer and all points in between—your experienced engagement team will deliver industry-specific solutions to help you achieve your business objectives faster. This level of specialization and concentration is a major reason so many food and beverage companies choose Moss Adams.

Assurance Services

Solve complex business challenges with insight made possible by quality financial and nonfinancial data. Validating the accuracy of the information you use to make your most critical financial decisions empowers you to be more confident in the direction you take your company in the future.

Tax Services

Individual and business decisions can significantly affect your tax liability. Keep more of the money you earn by understanding and implementing tax strategies at the local, state, federal, and international levels that can positively impact your returns and future plans. We’ll work with you to develop a strong federal and state tax strategy that will maximize your deductions and reduce your risk.

Consulting Services

Recognize growth opportunities that you can leverage domestically and internationally with a full range of services beyond assurance and tax. Whether it’s compliance or streamlining to improve IT, strategy and operations, or transactions, you can mitigate risk and solve your most pressing operational challenges.

Industry Involvement

Our professionals are members of many local and national associations, such as:

  • California Certified Organic Farmers
  • California Grocers Association
  • California League of Food Processors
  • National Association for the Specialty Food Trade
  • National Products Association
  • Northwest Food Processors Association
  • Oregon Tilth

Hunger for Growth

As the food and beverage industry rapidly evolves through shifts in consumer trends, delivery methods, and emerging brands, your business is positioned to transform and thrive like never before.

Our professionals are dedicated to helping you recognize and embrace emerging opportunity so you can innovate and move new ideas forward while still confronting the many legislative, safety, sustainability, and competition challenges common in the industry.


Transaction Planning

Mergers and acquisitions are at an all-time industry high. Strategic buyers hope to outsource innovation through brand acceleration, while private equity firms and investors look to buy into brands that improve food’s form, function, and accessibility. Before engaging with investors, you should define your personal and business goals and know the value of your business, as well as options for potential investments and their implications. Prepare your business with our Transactions, Valuations, Due Diligence Services, and more.


Effective IT Systems

Leveraging the power of trusted IT software solutions can help boost operational efficiencies and reliability. Implementing systems that allow your business to operate in an integrated and collaborative way can lead to greater food safety, quality, and compliance and protect your company from cyberthreats. Test or update your tech standing with our IT Development & Integration, IT Planning & Assessment, Cybersecurity Consulting Services, and more.



If you’re not willing to innovate, the market will leave you behind. Food businesses that survive and thrive do so because they’re capable of, and excited by, change. Pursuing new endeavors, however, can come with significant costs. Confidently pursue your business goals with our R&D Tax Credit, Cost Segregation, Strategy & Operations Consulting Services, and more.


Geographic Expansion

Expanding into new markets is an important growth strategy that comes with complications, including varying state and local tax regulations such as Wayfair regulations, supply chain disruptions, copacker contracts and relationships, and increased production volumes. Identifying, analyzing, and managing these risks up front can help support your ability to grow. Strengthen your growth plans with our State & Local Tax, Process and Control Audit Services, and more.


Access to Capital

Capital is nearly as important to your brand as your high quality products. You need cash to grow as your business evolves and changes. Find ways to access the capital you need and proactively plan for the next phase of your business with our Valuations, Strategy & Operations Consulting Services, and more.

We serve clients in all food and beverage industry areas including:

  • Emerging brands
  • Confection and sweets
  • Beverages
  • Food processors, distributors, and wholesalers
  • Grocers
  • Natural and organic products
  • Nutraceuticals and wellness
  • Seafood
  • Spices and sauces
One of the reasons why we moved from a Big Four firm to Moss Adams was we found a group of people that understood family-owned, private businesses; the food and beverage industry; and our issues as a company. Moss Adams focuses on the needs we have and ultimately adds value to our business.
- Jim Collins, CFO, Basic American Foods


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Industry Expertise

Leveraging our deep knowledge of the entire supply chain—from plant to consumer and all points in between—your engagement team will deliver industry-specific solutions tailored to help achieve your business objectives faster.

Our clients aren’t the only industry leaders who look to us for guidance. We serve as the Official Accounting Advisory Partner of Natural Products Expo West and also frequently collaborate with influential industry organizations such as California Grocers Association, Food Northwest, National Association for the Specialty Food Trade, National Fisheries Institute, Naturally Boulder, Naturally Bay Area, and Private Label Manufacturers Association.


Amazon sellers and vendors are subject to specific business structures, fees, and sales-tax requirements. Learn how they could affect your business.

States are increasingly imposing—and more aggressively enforcing—stricter tax laws related to the production, use, or consumption of goods and services. However, this doesn’t mean your company’s bottom line needs to suffer. Join us for an on-demand webcast to learn how your company can reduce its tax burden. We discuss top state-tax exemptions and incentive programs that can help save your business money, including potential R&D credit opportunities.

Making the right decisions for your business starts with having the most accurate and up-to-date information available. Our Food & Beverage Market Monitor keeps you abreast of events, trends, and market forces that shape and guide your industry.

In this webcast, we address the Financial Accounting Standards Board’s (FASB) Accounting Standards Codification (ASC) 842. We discuss new revisions, requirements for disclosing information on leasing arrangements, and more.

Learn about the tax benefits for growers that donate their finished products to a charity or donor-advised fund.

Learn about implementation issues with the new revenue recognition standard that may affect food and beverage companies.

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